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The company that supports Cabin Crew in managing
the confined working space in the galley and cabin area

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At Onboard Logistics

Creating Space

Where it does not exist using

The Flex-e Products

Transportation Industry

Also ideal for ships.

It’s not all about Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Onboard Logistics

Creating extra space onboard with our innovative products to collect & recycle waste, generate revenue and reduce weight


Instantly convert any Atlas-standard airline food service trolley into a waste trolley. The unique, patented plastic collar of the Flex-e-Bag fits snugly onto the tray runners, transforming onboard waste collection.

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Easily create extra waste and recycling collection points on board.

The rotatable Flex-e-Clip enables crew to hang the Flex-e-Bag from any Atlas inflight trolley in the cabin or galley area.

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The Flex-e-Drawer is a stackable nesting standard atlas drawer.

As the drawers fit into each other the crew can create space in a trolley for stowing of cabin waste..

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Flex-e-Frame 3R’s

Flex-e-Frame 3R’s is a registered designed reusable plastic frame to hold open a designed polythene or a biodegradable plastic bag. The frame is designed to fit airline atlas standard trolleys.
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What We Do

We provide an Airline Waste Management System to support the cabin crew to perform their functions in a more efficient manner

Key benefits of our innovative waste management system

  • Streamlined Services
    Seamless transition from food service to waste collection.
  • Reduced Fuel Costs
    Save on fuel costs by reducing overall weight of catering equipment
  • Optimized Gallery Space
    Replacing a waste trolley gives you more space to carry food stock, duty free and other merchandise.
  • Revenue Generation
    Generate greater in-flight sales by replacing waste trolleys with merchandising trolleys

Sample Packs

You can buy sample packs online so you can try them for yourself before commiting to a large order