Our Clients

Purchasing Manager/Catering Manager

We understand that your aircraft can seem to be the garbage can for the whole airport terminal. The Flex-e range is a clever, cost-saving system which copes with all that rubbish with even less equipment. The Flex-e range removes the need for a waste trolley, reducing capital expenditure and fuel costs. The system creates space everywhere in the catering function – in the warehouse, the flight kitchen and the aircraft hold in the case of service freighting

Cabin Crew/Catering Crew

We understand how tricky it can be to manage your full inflight service in cramped conditions and a short time-frame. We make your life easier by creating space, giving you the potential to earn commission from inflight sales, reducing your turn-around clean-up, and allowing you to carry out your job more efficiently.

Chief Financial Officer

It’s a win-win. The Flex-e range saves money and increases revenue; it creates space in the galley where it doesn’t exist so that revenue can be generated


We count flag carriers, small airlines and airline catering companies among our satisfied customers.