ATLAS Flex-e-Bags

The Flex-e-Bag transforms on-board waste collection. Here’s how:

Make Space – No Need For A Waste TROLLEY

The unique, patented plastic collar fits snugly onto the tray runners of any Atlas-standard airline food service trolley, instantly converting it into a waste trolley. No need to worry about cross-contamination; trolleys are washed after the flight before they are restocked with food.

Make Money – Extra Space Allows For Revenue Generation

The Flex-e-Bag creates space in the galley so you can carry stock for in-flight sales, be it more food, duty free or other merchandise.


Avoid expenditure on custom waste trolleys. The reduction in the overall weight of catering equipment on the aircraft results in fuel cost savings; Flex-e-bags are lighter than bins and manages and recycles your inflight waste using the Flex-e-Bag in a waste trolley instead of a bin will further reduce catering equipment weight, saving fuel.

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