ATLAS Flex-e-Frame 3R’s

 ATLAS FLEX-e-Frame 3R’s——Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Is a registered designed reusable plastic frame to hold open a designed polythene or designed biodegradable plastic bag,

The frame is of airline atlas standard dimensions that can convert a meal trolley into a waste trolley.

Reduce Weight— Waste Trolley

The frame is designed to fit into an atlas standard waste trolley that has the rung at the top of the trolley.

This allows for the heavy bin to be discarded and save weight.


Unlike the Flex-e-Bag the frame is reusable. The Flex-e-Frame 3R’s can be assembled in the Flight Kitchen or onboard by the crew.


The Flex-e-Frame 3R’s is made from recyclable material. At the end of its cycle, the frame can be sent for recycling.