Onboard Logistics was created out of the Airline crises after September 11, 2001.
The owners of the company whose background was airline catering management and a design engineer identified a market for Flex-e-Bag. Airlines were in cost saving mode and consequently on board service was reduced to a minimum.
(e.g., meal tray service cancelled on short haul flights).

This put the airlines with a major imbalance of catering trolleys.
The airlines had plenty of meal trolleys and not enough waste trolleys. This is where Flex-e-Bag came to the rescue.

By putting a Flex-e-Bag into a meal trolley you now had a waste trolley.
In 2003 Onboard Logistics won a Mercury award at the ITCA catering exhibition for being innovative with a simple solution to a big issue.

Flex-e-Bag was born.